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Why She Made It

As a health-conscious pesco-Mediterranean eater and former healthcare administrator, Sandra Schneller knows the value of home cooking and eating foods with simple label ingredients. Her childhood was rooted in home cooking with family parties centered in the kitchen around elaborate cooking from scratch, enjoying music, dance, and conversation, while serving up awesome naturally flavored entrees. Today, Sandra often enjoys a fun home cooking routine making healthy meals fit for upscale restaurants with health beneficial ingredients as key.

During the Covid 19 pandemic people were encouraged to eat healthily and cook more at home than ever before. Sandra knew that her offscreen eating habits could help others to improve overall health. She took her fun time cooking onscreen (from Facebook to YouTube) with hopes of encouraging others to have fun while making great healthy meals at home. People were interested in cooking restaurant style meals at home but sought quicker ways of doing so. This prompted Sandra to create a shortcut to seasoning foods from a healthier affair by reducing sodium and using only natural ingredients. Sandra included simple label ingredients of fresh herbs, spices, fruit, and creamy grass-fed butter to create blends of natural delicious tastes. Through food travels and research Sandra learned how other cultures concentrate on natural flavors in cooking and less sodium enhanced flavor. She focused on pulling together a premium blend of natural flavors and textures to give cooks a shortcut to fresh delicious meals.

Sandra leads a pesco-Mediterranean diet and avid fitness lifestyle. She has a passion for consuming as deliciously healthy as the budget allows. Sandra has three college degrees (in politics and business management) and held careers in corporate, healthcare, academia, and now food manufacturing.

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